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Garden Refurbishment.

The garden had not been looked at for in excess of 20 years and the new owners had managed to cut away the old over hanging branches and brambles, but required a professional eye to convert what had been started into a beautiful and functional place for all the family to enjoy, especially the the young football mad sons!

The first task was to completely remove the old shed, all its "old" contents, dozens of olf balls (rugby, football and golf balls), along with a vast array of old toys, old branches, and other junk.

Having cleared the site the next task was to dig out all the old tree roots, brambles, and remove a number of other trees to allow light into areas of the garden.

The ground has not seen a fork in nearly 3 decades so it was manually turned over using the old, and trusted, yet painstakingly laborious mattock and pure hard work.  This can be seen in the Midway through project images.

24 useable old concrete slabs were found forming an old footpath or covered  completely in soil, and having been cleaned, were recycled to create a well received patio to which trellis was added for greater privacy.  Steps were added leading up to the patio and for the entrance to the new shed.

Finally, the turf was laid, and though the garden cannot be used as a football pitch until the grass starts growing, the whole family are pleased with the results of just 9 days works and under £2,500 all in!

 Starting Point 
New shed & Trellis for privacyMidway Through ProjectPatio
 Finished Project 
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